Local Honey

Taste the difference of our amazing wildflower honey, sustainably harvested in the Thousand Islands region.

Raw and beautiful, direct from the Beekeeper.

Our local honey is unpasteurized wildflower honey and comes straight from our beehives.

The lovely flowers embarrass me, they make me regret I am not a bee” – Emily Dickinson 

Do yourself a favour and simply a taste a teaspoon of our honey on it’s own. See what happens on your tongue. It’s nature’s greatest gift.


We love our bees and our beekeeping practices are sustainable. We breed our own queens and raise our bees to be healthy, strong colonies.


Our honey is  100% natural, and comes from a wide variety of wildflowers in the 1000 Islands area. Taste the difference of our beautiful honey!

Local Honey

Thousand Islands Honey comes directly from our own beeyard and is produced in small batches, with love.