1000 Islands Honey

Ontario local honey

Direct from the beekeeper

Beautifully pure, unpasteurized wildflower honey straight from the beeyard.

1000 Islands Honey is local honey directly from our beeyard. Our honey is the highest grade of raw, unpasteurized wildflower honey that the honey bees produce from the many varieties of wildflowers we have in the Thousand Islands area. 

Although the bees collect pollen from a wide variety of sources, in late Fall when goldenrod is in bloom, the bees fill up the honey supers with a darker and stronger tasting honey (our personal favourite), which both tastes amazing and also is excellent for people who suffer from seasonal allergies.

Nature’s greatest gift deserves a teaspoon of it’s own.

Honey is one of nature’s greatest gifts. We always suggest to customers to taste a teaspoon of our raw honey on it’s own. See what happens on your tongue. It’s like nothing else in the world. Taste the exquisite work of thousands of honeybees, visiting the millions of flowers it took to produce your perfect jar of honey. 

1000 Islands Local Honey

We started beekeeping in 2010 and it’s been a journey of discovery and hard work (although the honey bees do the heavy lifting). We’d love to share our amazing local honey with you!